MIT Computational Psycholinguistics Laboratory

CPL @ CUNY 2018
Monday January 15th 2018, 2:03 pm
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Our lab will have four presentations at CUNY 2018 at UC Davis:

  • Counting exceptions: Exception phrases and quantification
    Helena Aparicio and Roger Levy
  • Implicit gender biases in the production and comprehension of pronominal references
    Veronica Boyce, Titus von der Malsburg, Till Poppels and Roger Levy
  • Generalizing dependency length minimization: Crosslinguistic corpus evidence for information locality
    Richard Futrell, Edward Gibson, and Roger Levy
  • Availability-based production, not Uniform Information Density, predicts Mandarin classifier choice
    Meilin Zhan and Roger Levy

Looking forward to the conference!